Growing Our Economy

Our Vision: As a result of Martin O'Malley's failed policies, Maryland lost over 100,000 jobs as businesses fled our state. Taxes were raised over 40 times while the growth in your paycheck stagnated. We should not settle for this as the status quo. Maryland should be an attractive place to start or bring your business, not a place that businesses flee from. 


How We Get There: Working together with Governor Hogan, we have created over 110,000 new jobs, and Maryland has moved to 7th in the nation for job growth. As your State Senator, Christian will champion the Governor's agenda. Together, they will work to reduce barriers for businesses coming to our state and to Baltimore County. This includes eliminating job-killing regulations, rolling back high taxes, and fighting against proposals that hurt our small businesses. During his time in the House of Delegates, Christian has worked with the Governor to reduce your taxes and fees by over $700 million. He will continue this fight to put taxpayers first, and more money back in your family's pocket.

Delegate Christian Miele for Maryland State Senate