Christian Miele - A Champion for BCPS

Christian's Vision: As a new father, Christian is personally invested in and deeply concerned about the state of our local school system. Issues such as bullying, school safety, and school overcrowding continue to plague our community. The cost of a college education continues to rise. As your State Senator, Christian will work to ensure that all of our children feel safe and secure at school, fight for funding to add new schools in our community, and work toward lowering the cost of receiving a college education. 

How We Get There: As your delegate, Christian passed legislation to address the bullying epidemic in Baltimore County Public Schools. This bill created a task force that brought together educators, families, and students to study the best practices nationwide for dealing with the issue of bullying. Christian also worked with Governor Hogan to pass legislation that increased funding for school safety grants to make our schools safer and more secure.

School overcrowding in our community has reached a tipping point. Too many of our schools have or will soon have too many students for its infrastructure. The solution is not to keep adding trailers or modular classrooms, but to build new schools. While Christian has helped make this a reality at the elementary and middle school level, the focus must now be a new high school. As your State Senator, Christian will be focused on working with Baltimore County's next County Executive to advance a new high school in our community. 

To address the rising cost of college education, Christian plans to introduce a tuition lock-in at our state colleges. When a student enters college, their tuition will be frozen at its current level for the duration of the student's education. This will allow for better financial planning and eliminating unforeseen tuition hikes. 

Delegate Christian Miele for Maryland State Senate