Good Government Reform

Our Vision: Imagine if "politician" was no longer a dirty word; if we never had to second-guess whether our elected officials were putting the interests of the people they represent ahead of their own self-interest and the interests of their party. 

Whether it's career politicians abusing their power for personal financial gain (three state lawmakers have recently been convicted of taking bribes and Baltimore County's school superintendent is in prison for committing perjury), or quite literally rigging our elections to keep their party in control by manipulating the way our district boundary lines are drawn, it is clear that Annapolis has a corruption problem, and that people no longer trust their political leaders to do the right thing. But we can fix it. And by fixing it, we can restore the people's trust in their elected officials and their government.

How We Get There: As State Delegate, Christian introduced the Clean Up Annapolis Act to ensure that taxpayers would no longer have to fund the pensions of politicians convicted of taking bribes. Sadly, the power brokers in Annapolis did not even give this common-sense bill an "up or down" vote. 

Christian also introduced legislation that would change the way Maryland draws its legislative districts to eliminate the gerrymandering that tarnishes our democracy. It was voted down on party lines. Even a simple bill to live stream the General Assembly's floor sessions was killed in committee.

We need new leadership in Annapolis to challenge the status quo and take the lead on government reform. In the state senate, Christian will work tirelessly to increase government transparency, fight the cycle of corruption, and take on the entrenched political machine. 



Delegate Christian Miele for Maryland State Senate