Our Vision

As a State Delegate, new father, and attorney, Christian Miele is running for the State Senate to be a new, fresh voice for Northeast Baltimore County. As your State Senator, Christian will focus on a number of both local and statewide issues to keep moving Maryland forward. 

Growing Our Economy

Our Vision: As a result of Martin O'Malley's failed policies, Maryland lost over 100,000 jobs as businesses fled our state. Taxes were raised over 40 times while the growth in your paycheck stagnated. We should not settle for this as the status qu...

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Christian Miele - A Champion for BCPS

Christian's Vision: As a new father, Christian is personally invested in and deeply concerned about the state of our local school system. Issues such as bullying, school safety, and school overcrowding continue to plague our community. The cost of...

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Supporting Maryland's Seniors

Christian passed legislation to lower taxes on retirement income for seniors and veterans. He believes in protecting social security and medicare and the benefits our seniors have earned.   Our Vision: Far too often Christian hears from people tha...

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Animal Welfare Advocate

Our Vision: Animals are a major part of many people's families. In Maryland, we need to ensure that our pets and wildlife are being cared for in appropriate manner at shelters, pet stores, and at home.  How We Get There: As State Delegate, Christi...

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Good Government Reform

Our Vision: Imagine if "politician" was no longer a dirty word; if we never had to second-guess whether our elected officials were putting the interests of the people they represent ahead of their own self-interest and the interests of their party...

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Delegate Christian Miele for Maryland State Senate