Supporting Maryland's Seniors

Christian passed legislation to lower taxes on retirement income for seniors and veterans. He believes in protecting social security and medicare and the benefits our seniors have earned.


Our Vision: Far too often Christian hears from people that they are planning to leave Maryland when they retire. Unfortunately, he can understand why. Our tax code penalizes retirees by taxing their fixed income, even after it was already taxed when it was initially earned. It is no wonder that so many Marylanders leave for Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Florida when they retire. We need to do more at the state level to incentivize our retirees to stay in Maryland.


How We Get There: Christian has worked with Governor Hogan to pass legislation to lower taxes on retirement income for first responders, law enforcement officers, and military veterans. He has also cosponsored legislation to make retirement income for all Marylanders tax free. By doing this, we can keep Marylanders in Maryland, and also be able to fund new projects such as schools and road improvements without needing to raise taxes.

Delegate Christian Miele for Maryland State Senate